"Mickey is a wonderful instructor! We found him last year when my daughter decided she wanted to play the clarinet in the 6th grade band at RJ Fisher Middle School. She'd read music before, had briefly taken violin lessons several years earlier and, more recently played a recorder, but she had no experience whatsoever with the clarinet. With Mickey's guidance and some practice on her part, she was playing like a "pro" in no time at all!

Mickey has a great way about him and quickly developed a wonderful rapport with my daughter that set her at ease and allowed her to learn at her own speed and comfort level. Throughout the school year he helped her overcome the rough patches, encouraged her to do more than she thought she could, and cheered her accomplishments, all of which resulted in my daughter becoming a confident, enthusiastic clarinet player. The bottom line is that I would (and have) recommend Mickey to anyone with a child who wants to learn how to play one of the many instruments Mickey gives lessons for."
- Randi F.

"I would recommend Mickey as an instructor.

My daughter has had prior music leasons on piano and a short period on the quitar but learned how to start and then play the trumpet with Mickey's instructions.

Mickey started out with just one note then expanded it to more and more. As he did this, he used real songs so that it was not just learning notes.

What I liked about him was that he would work his lessons around your desires. There were certain songs that my daughter liked (artist "Cake" being one) and we gave him a CD and the next week he had the music written out on paper for her to learn! They then used this as part of the lessons."
- Rich M.

"Thank you Mickey,

We remember that day in September two years ago, when our son couldn't literary blow a note on his trumpet. In those 2 years you have instilled confidence, and enabled our son to develop into a thriving musician. He has truly enjoyed coming to visit you!

We really appreciate all the flexibility and support too - like working on compositions with him and dabbling on guitar and attending his concerts."
- Ed and Deborah A.

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