Studio Policies

I’m happy to have the opportunity of teaching you or your child to play an instrument. For children, they benefit from lessons in many ways. It builds character & responsibility by giving them a regularly scheduled practice time, it develops hand-eye coordination, it encourages creativity & positive self-expression, and it cultivates a love of good, wholesome music. Music students are known to be the best school students as well. For adults, they benefit from learning a new skill, achieving a New Years' resolution, or just fulfilling a dream of playing music in general.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, I have developed some guidelines to help all of us in our music lessons program:

  1. There will generally be four 45-minute lessons per month (once a week) given. However, there will be some months with less/more than four lessons, due to holidays.
  2. I will make every effort to make-up missed lessons for illness or out-of-town travel with advanced notice. Forgotten lessons or last-minute cancellations (except for sickness and emergencies) will not be made up. If, for some reason, I must cancel (very rare) the lesson will be made up.
  3. Our term begins the first week of September and runs through the last week of May. I will be available during the months of June, July and August as optional months if there are no conflicts such as vacations, camps, etc.
  4. Please be on time. Lessons are scheduled back to back. Tardiness results in a shorter lesson.
  5. Bring all lesson materials to your lesson.
  6. Practice during the week so that you are prepared for your lesson. This is very important and parents are encouraged to make sure your children are putting in daily practice at a regular time and ready for their lesson. Not being prepared affects progress.
  7. Parents are certainly welcome to come to lessons, but are not required. If you choose to come to a lesson, please leave other children at home so the student will not be distracted.
  8. Tuition is $120/month ($30/lesson, 4 lessons/month), payable on the first lesson of each month, unless otherwise noted on the Studio lesson schedule.
  9. The first lesson is free, as that is an introductory lesson to evaluate your starting level of playing. Tuition will be adjusted for the first month depending on start date. After first month, tuition will be according to #8 above.
  10. No refunds or reimbursements of tuition will be given due to missed lessons and/or complete withdrawal of enrollment in the music studio during a paid month.
  11. I reserve the right to cancel enrollment in the music studio for any reason and at any time.

If ever you have questions, comments or concerns, I welcome them. My goal is to make you or your child’s music lessons enjoyable, educational and hopefully fun as well. There may be times when the material seems a bit tedious or even repetitive, but there is always a goal in mind, so bear with us while we are learning. Along with learning pieces to play, we will be learning theory, composition, technique, sight-reading and ear training.

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