Community Spay/Neuter

Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue provides free spay/neuter services for community animals whose caregivers can not afford to pay, as well as those community animals entering our rescue services. We work to stop the problem at the source—in the community—by recognizing that rescuing an animal saves a life, but it does not stop the pet over-population problem.

How it Works:
If you can’t afford to alter or spay your pet, we will provide the services at low or no cost or refer you to an appropriate resource. These include Trap/Neuter and Release of Feral cats and free altering of Pit Bulls. We work as part of a collaborative to solve the problem.

We strongly advocate Trap/Neuter and Release as a humane alternative to managing feral cat populations. Feral cats are returned to their caregivers who release them back to their community.

Funding is needed to continue to offer free spay/neuter services. If you would like to help us fight pet-overpopulation at its source, please send a donation marked spay/neuter fund or contact Paula Vlamings, Development Director at (415) 721-1721.

If you need spay/neuter information contact (415) 721-1721 for animals in Marin and (510) 267-1915 for East Bay animals.

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