Each year in the Bay Area, thousands of pets are left homeless in shelters or abandoned to suffer on city streets. Without adequate space to house them, many shelters must euthanize hundreds of dogs and cats each month to make room for more animals.

Second Chance Rescue, a member of the Hopalong Animal Rescue family, is committed to the well-being of animals. We rescue dogs and cats throughout Northern California. Through our foster care programs, the animals are treated, rehabilitated or in the case of kittens and puppies, given the time they need to mature to a point where they can be spayed and neutered prior to adoption. We specialize in matching people with the animals that fit their lifestyle. Together with Hopalong Animal Rescue, we have found homes for over 15,000 animals since our inception in 1993.

Each story is different — and many are heart-breaking — but in every case there is a common thread: an animal that deserves a second chance at life and a permanent, loving home.

Hopalong Animal Rescue is
a non-profit organization
whose mission is to
eliminate the euthanasia of
cats and dogs through
rescue, spay/neuter and
education programs.