Please take a moment or two to read about some of the many dogs and puppies who are waiting patiently in foster care for someone just like you to take them home for life. We also strongly encourage you to read the following links before adopting:

[ How Adoption Works ] [ Having a Dog: Things to Consider ] [ Owner Surrender Assistance ] [ Adoption Application ] [ Obedience Training ]

Now, it is our pleasure to introduce:

Hank is a male, 1 yr. old Walker Coonhound, presently weighs 47 pounds. His coat is a bit lighter and with fewer speckles than his buddy Hudson's. He gets along with other dogs, but also likes to chase cats.
Location: Oakland
Hudson is a male, 3 year old Bluetick Hound, presently 44 pounds. His coat is speckled lightly and he has beautiful brown eyes that are outlined in black. He looks like he is wearing eyeliner. He enjoys running around with his pal Hank and should get along well with other dogs.
Location: Marin
Bug is a 9 month old Chihuahua mix who weighs about 10 pounds. Although she came to Hopalong with a broken leg, she's pretty much healed. Running like crazy at the Berkeley Marina, Albany Bulb and Pt. Isabel is her favorite thing, especially if she can entice another dog to play. She walks really well on and off leash. She's particularly good at the commands: sit, stay, come, leave it, car, in the back, kiss. She's working on fetch and settle. She's very loyal, cuddly, friendly, and funny--likes sleeping under the covers. Bug's favorite snacks are apple and carrot slices - a very healthy baby. Bug is also very energetic and wants to go walking about every 3 hours, so she's probably not a stay at home all day dog. Have you room for this little Bug who also loves little kids?
Location: Oakland