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Hopalong Animal Rescue could not exist without the extraordinary generosity of our individual donors, foundations and corporations. Every dollar raised provides care, medical services and an opportunity for an animal to have a second chance at a new and wonderful life.

Expenses related to rescue, foster care, veterinary care and placement significantly exceed the money raised through adoption fee donations. Our perating costs continue to rise, including monthly expenses such as phones, gasoline, car insurance, postage, supplies, printing, educational materials, website, and other administrative costs. Each year we are able to rescue more animals in need, but the costs go up proportionately. Rotating testimonial placeholder

Your gift allows us to be a lifeline to unwanted animals when they have run out of time. Our heartfelt thanks for your support.



  • Make a tax deductible cash donation. $10 pays for a vaccination; $50 pays to spay/neuter a puppy, $200 will cover all our expenses for the average rescue. Just use the PAYPAL form below for online contributions or send a check to our address listed on the home page. You can even become a member of our planned giving circle by committing to donate on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis.

    Select your contribution amount, then click the button to continue.

  • Leave a legacy for the animals by including Hopalong Animal Rescue in your will or trust. Please also see our Pet Survivor Program for more information on estate planning for your own pets.
  • List Hopalong Animal Rescue as a beneficiary on your retirement plan or life insurance.
  • Include Hopalong Animal Rescue in your charitable remainder trust or gift annuity.
  • Donate stocks and/or bonds to Hopalong Animal Rescue and save on your taxes!
  • Make an annual contribution to our Special Needs Medical Fund to rescue dogs who
    require special veterinary care or surgery.
  • Designate Hopalong Animal Rescue for a company match, a community grant program or a year-end giving program.
  • Make a tax deductible gift of your used car or truck at Cars For Charities; we handle all paperwork/pickup.
  • Get your kids involved with a creative fundraising project to benefit Hopalong Animal
    Rescue. In 2006, kids raised over $7,000 to help the animals!
  • Attend or contribute to our special events.

At Hopalong Animal Rescue, we go the distance for all the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens we save. Sometimes that means managing the unexpected health issues or extended boarding required for some dogs before they can be placed in permanent homes. To provide for the unexpected special needs of our animals, we established the Special Needs Fund.

You can use this donation form to download and mail in your contribution or you can donate easily and securely on-line using PayPal. Your support can work miracles for the wonderful animals who need extra help to find their way “home.”


  • Dog and cat crates, kennels, wire exercise pens, and baby gates
  • Cat & kitten, puppy & dog food (Nutro preferred, but any premium pet store brand will do)
  • KMR milk replacer is always needed, especially for kittens.
  • Cat litter
  • Gift certificates or debit cards for discount or club stores
  • Pre-paid gasoline debit cards
  • Pre-paid phone cards
  • Unused BART tickets (we redeem the unused portion when we reach 500 cards).
  • Dog & cat toys, treats, chewies, bowls, brushes, nail clippers, etc.
  • New or gently used dog/cat beds
  • New or old towels, sheets, blankets and rugs
  • Health and grooming items (i.e.; Advantage/Frontline, Heartguard)
  • New or gently used harnesses, collars, leashes, gentle leaders
  • Gift certificates for pet supply stores or online shopping sites
  • Fairly new desktop computers, laptops or printers
  • Office and copy supplies or gift certificates for office supply or photocopy stores