Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in helping Hopalong Animal Rescue and/or Second Chance Rescue, a member of the Hopalong family. Please print the following information that will help us to match you with your interests and availability. All information is kept confidential by our office and is used for volunteer coordination purposes only.

Today's date
Date able to start volunteering
How did you hear about Hopalong and/or Second Chance Rescue?
Craigslist Posting Newspaper
Media Story Hopalong site
Flyer Other

Tell us about you!

City   State    Zip
Daytime Phone   Evening Phone
Are you under 18?
Yes No  

Days that I am available to volunteer
Monday mornings afternoons
Tuesday mornings afternoons
Wednesday mornings afternoons
Thursday mornings afternoons
Friday mornings afternoons
Saturday mornings afternoons
Sunday mornings afternoons
I may also be available in the evenings for special events or projects
Work information
Full time Part time Retired Homemaker currently unemployed
Employer   Type of business
Address   Phone
Your title/position
Past Volunteer Experience
Name of organization   Phone
Volunteer duties   Length of service
Have you ever been convicted of any crime (other than a vehicle infraction?)
Yes No  
If yes, please explain
For volunteers who will be using their cars for transport
Do you have a valid driver’s license? Yes   No
Type of vehicle Car  Van   Truck
Name   Address
Day phone   Evening phone
Health Insurance information
In the event of an emergency, what medical facility should you be brought to, and what are the necessary ID#s to provide?
What do you hope to get from your volunteer experience with Hopalong/Second Chance

Areas that I can help volunteer in

Mobile adoptions (held every Saturday)
Animal transportation    Site set up   Site breakdown
Flyer distribution/posting   Cat handling    Dog handling
Mobile Laundry
Kittens    Puppies    Dogs
Cats    Other
Animal transportation (to/from homes to medical appointments, etc.)
Animal Services
Dog/behavior training   Veterinary skills
Animal Services
Answering/making calls    Data entry   Filing
Mailing    Photocopying    Assembling info packets
Website management    Computer technical assistance   Website design
Database management    Other
Special Events coordination    Donation solicitations – Corporate
Special Events assistance   Donation solicitations – local businesses
Newsletter: writing articles    Marketing plan development
Media relations   Press release writing
Flyer/brochure distribution/posting    Other
Graphic Arts/Photography
Photography    Graphic Artist    Newsletter layout
Flyer design    Brochure layout/design
Other Skills, Talents, Resources that I can offer

Thank you for your time in completing this application and for your concern for
companion animals in need.